A Gentle 10 day Group Detox

October 3 – 13th, 2014

w/ Stephanie Rose and Eric Archer

A Truly Holistic Detox Incorporating juices, smoothies, raw and cooked whole foods, and a moderate supplementation protocol!

Grounded in traditional wisdom and synthesizing the best of modern science, this cleanse will provide an accessible yet individualized approach to moving into Fall with renewed health and wellness.  This cleanse will include a kick-off group yoga class, a 60-minute detox yoga video to practice at home, a group cleanse dinner, an in-depth Detox Lecture, a private 1-hr individual nutrition-consultation with Nutritionist Eric Acher, a mid-cleanse group sauna detox experience, and more!  You can find a detailed description of the 10 days of activities at the bottom of this page.


As the weather changes and Fall and Winter descend on us, our bodies start to feel different.  TThe warmth and moisture in our bodies from the the summer months shifts into dryness and sometimes stiffness.  Our digestion and joints can suffer.  Colds and allergies begin.  But these symptoms of the changing season don’t necessarily have to become your reality this year.  That is why we cleanse every Fall.

Cleansing is a great way to remind the body that we need to shift our eating and lifestyle habits from one season to the next in order to align with what Nature is doing.  Every year you incorporate a detox regimen into your annual fall ritual you will notice you are not getting that pesky cold, nor putting on excess weight, nor feeling those familiar aches and pains anymore.


Eric and I have designed a safe and effective cleanse for beginners and advanced students.  It includes lessons on how the liver works, what to eat to stay healthy, information on food combining rules, ayurveda, cleanse reactions, and more! We make cleansing easy by offering you new healthy recipes to follow during your cleanse, which you will want to keep using after the 10 days are over.   In addition, you will learn new yoga and lifestyle practices that work for you to stay aligned with the season and living your optimal self.

The Most Affordable Healthy Vacation!

Join us in person and be supported by a group of students also evolving their health for a more vibrant future.   Group cleansing creates more accountability and support for you to reach your goals.

Or do the cleanse on your own!  You will receive an audio recording of our group lesson Detox 101.  Personal cleansing gives you the freedom to start and end the cleanse at your convenience.

Group or Personal Cleanse only $125!

Save $5 if you sign up with a friend!

Please email me first to check availability and space before you purchase the cleanse.


10-Day Gentle Cleanse


-60-min Yoga Detox Video for home use
-1 hour group yoga class at yoga studio
-1-hour private One-on-One Consultation w/ Nutritionist
-2-Hour Detox 101 Class w/ Nutritionist
-Question and Answer forum on Facebook
-A group Sauna!
-Closing cleanse pot-luck and discussion/evaluation
-Additional resources about Ph Balance, food combining, eating for your ayurvedic dosha, cleanse responses, and more!
-New Recipes for healthy and light vegetarian meals and for juicing.



Friday, Oct 3rd, 5:00 – 8:30 PM: Detox 101. We start with a 1-hour yoga class w/ Stephanie Rose to connect with ourselves and our intentions for the cleanse. We will also do some partner yoga to connect with each other to support one another. Next we dine together on a nutritious and healthy dinner, with a simple cooking demo.  All to be followed by an in-depth 2-hour class w/ Master Nutritionist Eric Archer on how the body rids itself of toxins, a detailed discussion on the do’s and don’t of detoxification, and a question and answer period. It’s time to understand your liver!

If you are doing the group cleanse, this class is at my home studio in Rosendale, NY. If you are doing the personal cleanse, you will recieve an audio recording of this class.

October 4th – 13th: 10-Day Cleanse Protocol. We will follow a detailed diet that gently increases the nutrient density of your daily food intake while eliminating other foods that are toxic, acidic, and unhealthy. The aim is to make the body more alkaline through this specific diet protocol to feel lighter and more balanced. Optional 1- day juice fast on Day 5.

Wednesday, October 8th, 7:00 – 7:45 PM: Group SAUNA and check-in at The Living Seed in New Paltz!

Monday, October 13th, 6:30 PM.  Group pot-luck at our house and our final discussion, question and answer, and evaluation.

Take your Health’s Evolution into your own Hands!


STEPHANIE ROSE BIFOLCO, MSW, RYT, is a Certified Anusara-Inspired Yoga Teacher and a nature-based Nutrition and Lifestyle Specialist. Her vision is to teach yoga, diet, and lifestyle based on the principles of nature for individual, community, and planetary healing. Her yoga classes are a mixture of hatha and vinyasa styles of yoga, with a focus on breath to calm and cleanse the body and mind and alignment to awaken the heart and spirit. Stephanie blogs about nature, yoga, and healthy eating on her website.
Stephanie’s love of nature, passion for living sustainably, and desire to serve the yoga community led her to live and teach yoga full-time in the Hudson Valley. Originally from New York City, Stephanie lived in Peru for over 2 years as a Peace Corps volunteer, and later worked for over 6 years as a Social Worker and advocate of workers rights, women’s rights, and immigrant rights in cities throughout the East Coast and Mexico. A lover of travel, yoga, and health, Stephanie sees being in nature and doing wellness in community as a necessary step to achieve positive social change on the planet.

ERIC ARCHER is a lover of nature and art in all forms, and practices this love through yoga, cooking, music, gardening, and nutrition. Alongside his work as a personal chef and studies as a graduate-student in Nutrition, he enjoys sharing his interests in yoga, music, poetry, plants, and multi-media sculpture. Eric worked at The Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY for two years, and continues to be involved with their musical offerings and summer camp for teenagers. While working at the Omega Institute Eric studied Yin Yoga with Biff Mithoefer, and fell in love with its potential for meditation, insight, body-awareness, and rejuvenation. Through a fusion of the mind-, body-, and spiritual-arts, Eric attempts to blend his artistic sides with his scientific lens to present a truly holistic approach to health and vitality.