Private Yoga

With Stephanie Rose

In Your Home, Office, or Local Yoga Studio
private yoga

Your body is unique and your yoga practice could be too. Sixty minutes of one on one private training sessions are customized to enable you to honor exactly who you are and what you need.  Your individual session with me will help you alleviate everything from a stiff back and sore muscles to low energy and work-related stress.  You will learn how yoga an help you relax, sleep better at night, lose weight, and feel great about yourself!  I have trained with some the leading international Yoga Therapists, such as Ellen Saltonstall, Doug Keller, and John Friend.

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See how to personalize your yoga, diet, and lifestyle to feel better fast. 

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Details about Private Yoga Training

I offer you classes on yoga, diet, and lifestyle for your
personal health evolution!

I am happy to accommodate your time constraints by scheduling sessions that are convenient for you at either my home studio in Rosendale, or in the comfort of your own home or office.  Your body is unique and your yoga practice could be too.

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Menu Options:

Beginner’s Yoga

These sessions can be done individually or in a group. Clear and carefully crafted sessions are designed to create a comfortable and nurturing environment as we unlock the mystery of yoga, dispelling the misconception that you need to be flexible in your body to practice yoga. Learn how to breathe properly and open your body through physically challenging and relaxing postures. Together, we will explore and experience the vast potential of possibilities for transformation that occur from starting a yoga practice. Perfect for anyone who is new to yoga!

Yoga Therapy

Therapeutic private training sessions are designed to help you heal from an injury, or become free from chronic pain. Whether you have constant lower back pain, tight shoulders that are causing stress headaches, or any other sort of discomfort, in these sessions we will pinpoint specific health issues that need balance. We will systematically open these areas using advanced biomechanical principles to line up the body in an optimal way so healing can take place rapidly. Remember: we are meant to thrive in our lives, not merely survive.

Meditation and Mindfulness Training

Replace stress with spirituality and experience a world of calmness and feelings of wellbeing. Sleep better, reduce your blood pressure, and become in touch with the beautiful light that resides within your heart. With inner peace comes outer peace. Private meditation and mindfulness sessions teach you the techniques necessary to experience a greater sense of general well being and calm. By bringing you closer to your life’s purpose, meditation and mindfulness sets you free to become more truly and authentically yourself.

Deepening Your Yoga

Deepening Your Yoga is for yoga students who want to take a step further in their practice. These sessions are individual only. They are tailored to increase your awareness so that you can refine your yoga practice and reach your practice goals faster and with greater ease.  These sessions are done at my home studio or in your office or home.

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