Why I Practice Yoga

My day-to-day life is consumed with doing yoga, thinking about yoga, and reflecting on how to instruct yoga most effectively in order to serve my community through its teachings. Often my practice, my thoughts, and my reflections are different from day to day.  Every day I ask myself, Why do I practice yoga?   What […]

The Most Important Daily Supplement… REST!

1. THE MOST IMPORTANT DAILY SUPPLEMENT…REST! I can remember the day three years ago I wrote on a post-it the phrase “Let Go of Productivity.”  It was the day I recognized that my priority in life was health and well being, and feeling unproductive did not necessarily need to be negative.  A dose of daily […]

What is Yoga?

Definition of Yoga: Yoga comes from the Sanskrit root yuj, meaning “to join” or “to yoke.”

Tune into Sacred Peru!

Spirituality, Yoga, and Andean Tradition in Peru’s Sacred Mountains.

~ Transitioning from a Cleanse with Ease ~

The Best Part of Finishing a Cleanse . .  A) It’s over! B) I feel great! C) I learned what not to do next time. D) All of the above! Many students ask me what to do when they finish a cleanse.  Should I just go back to eating the same foods again? How do […]

Celebrating the Cycles

(Excerpt adapted from Women/s Rites, Women’s Mysteries, by Ruth Barrett) Women are once again honoring the seasons and cycles of nature as did our ancestors from all corners of the globe.  The return to a consciousness where Mother Nature is loved, revered and celebrated evolved out of the ecology and early Goddess movement of the […]

Savor the Seasons!

Are you tuned into the C Y C L E S of your life?  Learn to align with the wheels of life to go round n’ round with greater ease.  Let’s learn and celebrate Nature together.

Home Retreat is the New Staycation!

  Have a love-in with Yourself.  No fancy equipment necessary!

Do You Want To Become a Yoga Teacher?

Learn the Art of Teaching.  Deepen and Transform Yourself!  

2 Reasons To Go To Vermont in August

To Ignite your Highest Vision at Mid-Summer Manifest Fest! and To Relax into Deep Bliss at Yoga and Thai Massage Retreat