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Here you will find a porthole into my intimate conversations with Great Beings throughout New York’s eccentric and evolved Hudson Valley and beyond!

Below are interviews with my favorite evolutionaries.  Evolutionaries are people doing amazing work across disciplines, from healers to seekers to activists, teaching ideas at the forefront of the shift in collective consciousness towards individual and planetary growth and healing.

Write me with names of local evolutionaries in your town who inspire you and i’d love to interview them to share their wisdom with the online yoga community.


Episode 3 – Interview with Ami Jayaprada Hirschstein, Yoga Instructor, Jai Ma Yoga Teacher Training

Everyone {in the Teacher Training} reports a huge awakening and a huge transformation…a deeper sense of intuition, knowing, and trust in the unfolding process of life… an ability to look at “the bad”- the tough and challenging parts of our lives- as fertile ground.  People were able to start to shift the way they saw and experienced life itself.  The combination of this with the therapeutic aspect, getting out of chronic pain and injury, was very liberating and self empowering.

This podcast is not just for those interested in taking the Jai Ma Yoga teacher training with Ami and myself starting in September.  This interview speaks to the nature of what it means to be a yoga teacher.  Ami gracefully reminds us of the importance of teaching yoga from a place of compassion and sensitivity, and why the journey to becoming a yoga teacher is akin to a Rite of Passage.  

Doing this interview with Ami made me reflect on my own Yoga Teacher Training and the ways in which I have grown as a student and a teacher over the last 10 years!

Listen to find out about the Jai Ma Teacher Training Part 1 and Part 2, the three stages of the Yoga Immersion (Part 1), why this training is so unique, and what other surprises to expect as a student of this amazing opportunity!

Read more about the Jai Ma Teacher Training and pay for the training here.  Go to the Jai Ma Yoga Center website here.

I am so excited to be co-leading this brilliant training and look forward to having many intimate yoga conversations like this one with students soon!  Enjoy :)

EPISODE 2 – Interview with Anjali Budreski, Certified Yoga Teacher

“We all have the power to create and manifest within us, but we are just not taught how to do it.”

Listen to this interview about channeling the beautiful summer energy to find clarity and using specific tools to manifest what it is we most desire in our lives!

Read more about our retreat together at Dharma Door in Underhill, VT on August 3rd HERE.

My favorite part of this discussion is when we get into the theme of vulnerability.  Here is a sneak peak of what Anjali has to say about the connection between vulnerability and manifestation:

“By coming together, we can be vulnerable together.  Its not only supportive, but its also motivating, potentizing!  When we are willing to be courageous enough to be vulnerable, we give other people this deep permission to be vulnerable as well.  If we are withholding in some way and not being vulnerable enough to clear the blocks inside, we can be living in this place where manifesting our dreams can become really difficult because we are perhaps not being truthful with ourselves or others.  Its like magic the power of vulnerability.”

EPISODE 1 – Interview with Diana Seiler, Certified Massage Therapist

“I love this practice.
It requires just me to drop in to the present moment
Holding space for someone else
Bearing witness to them,
Listening with my hands,
with all my senses,
bringing forward a prayer of well-being,
bringing forward the greatest potential of that person to shine-out.”

I am so stoked to share with you this short but sweet 30-minute interview with the talented massage therapist Diana Seiler of Rosendale, NY.  She and I talk about how massage can cleanse you of issues in the tissues (!)  She gives us a sneak peak of what to expect in her Thai Yoga Massage classes at Sky Meadow Retreat Center in Vermont on August 9 – 11th.


Find out more about Diana or to schedule a private session with her, check out her website.

Enjoy and Namaste!