The Most Important Daily Supplement… REST!

1. THE MOST IMPORTANT DAILY SUPPLEMENT…REST! I can remember the day three years ago I wrote on a post-it the phrase “Let Go of Productivity.”  It was the day I recognized that my priority in life was health and well being, and feeling unproductive did not necessarily need to be negative.  A dose of daily […]

Celebrating the Cycles

(Excerpt adapted from Women/s Rites, Women’s Mysteries, by Ruth Barrett) Women are once again honoring the seasons and cycles of nature as did our ancestors from all corners of the globe.  The return to a consciousness where Mother Nature is loved, revered and celebrated evolved out of the ecology and early Goddess movement of the […]

2 Reasons To Go To Vermont in August

To Ignite your Highest Vision at Mid-Summer Manifest Fest! and To Relax into Deep Bliss at Yoga and Thai Massage Retreat