~ Transitioning from a Cleanse with Ease ~

The Best Part of Finishing a Cleanse . . 

A) It’s over!

B) I feel great!

C) I learned what not to do next time.

D) All of the above!

Many students ask me what to do when they finish a cleanse.

 Should I just go back to eating the same foods again?

How do I transition back to certain foods without changing the way I feel post cleanse?

The First Thing I Suggest Post-Cleanse:

Stop and picture yourself eating the most nutritious, balanced, and energetic meal you have ever consumed.  

Y U M ! ! !

Imagine eating that meal every day you choose to!

That’s all it takes ~ Health is a choice.  

After a cleanse it’s good to remind yourself of this fact.  Any time you want to, you can make the choice to eat in alignment with your highest vision for yourself.  As yogis, we believe you feed the body, mind, and heart through the choices you make in food, lifestyle, and environment.  If there is one thing you learn during a cleanse is that YOU are the most important factor in your health’s evolution.


Just as you step off your yoga mat empowered from an energetic and full practice, after a cleanse you step into your kitchen with the same attitude.  Align with your highest most empowered Self and choose to eat nutritious and healthy food full of Prana, life force energy whenever you can.

The purpose of this exercise in eating is to “taste” for a short period the potential of your health’s evolution.  Some things in a cleanse seem harder than others.  We surprise ourselves at how easily we are able to reduce certain foods from our diet, and we drive ourselves crazy thinking about other foods that we just can’t seem to quit.

In other words, the next step in transitioning from a cleanse is reflecting on what worked and what didn’t.  If you are new to cleansing, most likely you will finish the cleanse wising you had done at least one thing different.  In my experience, it takes several times cleansing to find your rhythm for a completely sucesful cleanse.  Regardless of whether or not you stuck to the entire cleanse, you undeniably learned a lot about yourself and your food habits.  Many cleanse students finish a cleanse completely changed!  Post cleanse many report having improved digestion, enhanced mental clarity, feelings of inner peace, and weight loss/gain.  Remember to congratulate yourself for your efforts and for your comittment to your health’s evolution.

veggie and fruit cleanseNext, we start to re-introduce meat, eggs, dairy, wheat, soy, and caffeine back into our diet.  It is important that you do so ONE AT A TIME.  (Notice I did not give you the option of re-introducing processed foods or sugar back into your diet.  That is because I am many experts agree those foods will definitely reverse your health’s evolution!)  Going slow post-cleanse is very important.  Add something like eggs first, and see how your body and mind react to it.  Experiment in food combining.  Decide if you want to continue eating that food or reduce/eliminate it from your diet.  Do the same experimenting with each of the foods listed above, one at a time.  Your new diet will most likely be made of foods that balance your bodytype and no longer include foods that aggravate your bodytype.

The final step to transitioning from a cleanse with ease is an action plan.  After reflecting in a journal or with your yoga teacher or mentor on your experience, and after experimenting with re-introducing foods, make a plan of action.  You know you do not want to fall back into the traps of emotional eating, over-consuming caffeine drinks, over-working, and addiction to stress and adrenaline.  It’s not easy to stay in your Center when popular culture does the opposite!  So support your plan of action for evolved health with self-care and daily rituals that nourish you and keep your heart open to the love and the flow of Prana that is your essential Nature.  

happiness priorityYour plan of action should look like this:

  1. Foods I will increase in frequency to my diet:
  2. Self-care practices I will incorporate to my daily rituals:
  3. Self-care practices I need to nurture myself on a quarterly basis: (Don’t forget bi-annual seasonal cleansing!)
  4. Foods and eating habits I will eliminate from my diet/lifestyle:
  5. Foods and habits I will reduce to a minimum:

Set your plan into action by saying a blessing and wishing yourself luck.  Be disciplined and also treat yourself with kindness and compassion.  Love yourself.  You are enough!

best for me

B L E S S I N G :

In the spirit of humility we give thanks for all that is.

We thank the great spiritual beings who have shared their wisdom.

We thank our ancestors who brought us to where we are now.

We are grateful for the opportunity to walk this planet, to breathe the air, to taste the food, to experience sensations of a human body/ mind, to share in this wonder that is life.

We are grateful for the natural world that supports us, for the community of humankind that enables us to do many wondrous things.

We are grateful that we are conscious, that as intelligent beings we can reflect upon the many gifts we have been given.

~ Tom Barrett


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