Savor the Seasons!

Are you tuned into the C Y C L E S of your life?  Learn to align with the wheels of life to go round n’ round with greater ease.  Let’s learn and celebrate Nature together.

A Nutrition and Lifestyle Program

with Stephanie Rose

Are you tired of allergies in the spring time?  Colds in the fall?  Low energy in the winter?  Exhaustion in the summer?

Many of us are told that these experiences are just “part of the changing seasons.  This couldn’t be farthest from the truth!  While studying Yoga and Ayurveda, the sister science of yoga, over the past 10 years, I have discovered practices that you can find balance in each coming season.  These practices allow me to avoid the pitfalls of the changing seasons and rather savor the special gifts that each season has to offer;

The enhanced creativity in the flowing winds of Fall,

A cultivation of deeper visions in the darkness of Winter,

Engaging in the teachings of nature during the unfolding of Spring,

The cultivation of beauty and abundance during the Summer!

 I offer a variety of ways to learn about balancing through the seasons throughout the whole year.  You can start now!

New Blog Post – Celebrating the Cycles!  Why do we celebrate the Fall Equinox?  Learn about the Holy Days of the Year from the perspective of the Goddess traditions!


FREE INTRO CLASS- Ayurveda and the Seasons

Date TBA

Come to learn about how to eat, live, and play during each Season to enhance creativity, balance, and vitality in your life, in your family’s life, and on the planet!  A brief nourishing yoga classes is part of the workshop.  Date and Location TBA.



In conjunction with Savor the Seasons, I will be offering $35 consultations over the phone with anyone interested in learning about their individual ayurvedic dosha, or constitutional type, and exploring with me what practices will help them overcome any excess fire, water, air, or earth in their current life.  Included is a FREE Savor the Seasons Recipe Book!


May 9 – 19th 2014

Set your reset button with this easy and enjoyable 7-day yogi cleanse.  We will learn how to rid our bodies of excess earth element from the winter in order to transition smoothly into the warm energy of the Spring.  All levels and experiences welcome.  You will receive one-on-one attention and be guided individually and as a group through your own unique cleansing experience.  You will learn about the body’s built-in mechanisms for detoxification, what herbs and foods are good to enhance the function of your liver for detoxing, a detox yoga video for daily exercise and improved elimination, a recipe booklet and daily detox diet regimen, and additional support and resources.  Find out more here.

4 -WEEK Nutrition and Lifestyle Course with Ayurveda and Yoga

Savor the Seasons!  Date TBA

Savor the Seasons! is a seasonal 4-week program offered once every Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer.  Each course will teach how to align with the seasons and design your life to live in balance with Nature.  Pricing and more details to come!  Email me with any questions!


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