Do You Want To Become a Yoga Teacher?

Learn the Art of Teaching.  Deepen and Transform Yourself!


TT image first side no dimensionJAI MA YOGA TEACHER TRAINING

With Ami Jayaprada Hirschstein & Stephanie Rose and Pravrajika Gita Prana


Part 1: Living & Breathing Yoga

(formerly Anusara Immersion 1-3)

Part 2: The Seat of the Teacher

The path of a yoga teacher is a path of great honor. This Teacher Training will help you to find your own unique essence through deep inner practices that cultivate a connection to the Self.

This 200+ hours of curriculum includes:

Principles of alignment, Asana Training, Comparative Yogic Philosophy & Scriptures, Tantric Philosophy, Sanskrit, The Art of Teaching (Class creation, sequencing, themes, assisting, practice teaching and finding your unique voice), Meditation, Pranayama, Mentoring


14 Weekends

Hours: Saturday’s 10:30-7:00, Sunday’s 10-6:30

(plus two Monday’s 9:30 – 5:30)

Sept 20/21
Oct 11/12/13 (includes Monday, Columbus day)
Nov 1/2
Nov 22/23
Dec 13/14
Jan 3/4
Jan 17/18/19 (includes Monday, Martin L. King day)
Jan 31/Feb 1
Feb 28/March 1
March 20 – 23 (4 day group retreat)
April 11/12
May 2/3
May 30/31 (final exam)
June 13/14 (teaching practicum and graduation)
LISTEN HERE to a podcast of Ami and Stephanie in an in-depth interview regarding the details of this training.  

Student Testimonies:

“With my commitment to the Teacher Training I have gained motivation, stamina, strength and have refined my poses.  I have been able to move to my ‘edge’ and learned that my ‘edge’ doesn’t end, it is open to the future. I have a greater connect and peace and am less reactive.”  -Taylor Piccoli

“My life has had many journeys and all have led to the seat of the teacher and led me to yoga.  All the awakenings that have occurred in my life are now understandable.  All the ups and downs habe meanings and a place.  My life has meaning and always has.  I truly was lost in the dark, but with the immersion I became no longer scared of the dark and embraced it.  My light now shines again and I will be able to pass the positive on to others as well as myself.” -Taura Rutigliano


Attendance in all Sessions (video may be available), Teaching Practice, Written Homework, Reading Assignments, Personal Practice, Observing & Assisting, 2 weekly classes, Exams


$3,500 for Part 1 &2

Early bird discount $3,250 by Aug. 15

Only Part 2: (Those who have completed Anusara Immersion Parts 1-3) $2000

Only Part 1 – $1700

An additional fee for the retreat may be needed depending on enrollment.

A Mandatory discounted 24-Class Card at Jai Ma Yoga Center for 10 months (total is $488, that’s $6.42 per class!)


What is Tantra?  A Tantrik Tip Sheet

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